system design

Our experienced Design Team brings together the technology integration and workflow requirements using our vast library of available console shapes, sizes and features to maximize the comfort, efficiency and value of your space. We work closely with the customer’s technology integrators to make sure all of the equipment is appropriately accommodated and is accessible for maintenance.

how we do it


  • Work closely with technology integrators to understand all equipment requirements for each discipline.

  • Work with operational managers to understand workflow and traffic flow requirements.


  • Design and configure consoles for each discipline that accommodate all current and future planned technology.

  • Design layout options that support the technology, traffic flow and work flow requirements in the available space.


  • Work with the managers and user groups to evaluate and dial in the layout design for maximum comfort and efficiency.

  • Work with the technology integrators to validate equipment fit.

  • Accessorize the consoles based on user group needs. 


  •  Prepare drawing packages to convey the design and technology integration solutions.

  • Prepare photo-realistic renderings to help the customer visualize the space and choose finishes

  • Prepare floor coring location drawings and wiring schematic drawings to assist contractors

  • Prepare installation drawings to ensure the final installation matches the approved layout