delivery & installation services

Our professional delivery and installation services team is experienced to properly install Russ Bassett's consoles based on the unique requirements of the 24/7 mission critical work environment. Prior to console shipment, a delivery and installation check list is completed to ensure sight specific details are properly communicated and documented. Russ Bassett takes pride in a job well done sharing our satisfied customer installation surveys with other prospective customers is a testament to our objective of creating showplace work environments. 

how we do it


  • Delivery and installation check list

  • Understand site conditions

  • Assemble & stage 


  • Specialized packing

  • Clearly marked and labeled

  • Specialized carriers



  • Russ Bassett dedicated lead installer

  • Experienced installation team

  • Clean and efficient site conditions



  • Post installation walk-through

  • On-site console operation training