console description

  • žAll Steel Construction

  • žAll Steel Panels

  • žModular Frame Work

  • žModular Accessories

  • žUniStrut® Universal Mounting System

  • žHPL Work Surfaces with Ergonomic Urethane Edge Treatment

  • žSlatwall with Cable Management

  • žOpen Systems with Modular Monitor Mounting 

Russ Bassett's Flex Consoles are available in multiple configurations and in multiple sizes to meet a variety of applications and room sizes. Back-to-back and cluster configurations share panels, which reduces cost and floor space per position. The primary workstations are connected together with bridges which can be used for PC storage cabinets, personal storage cabinets or extra desk space.

features & benefits

Russ Bassett's consoles offer a complete cable management. This allows for multiple mounting options of electrical/data boxes and easy cable access.

Russ Bassett's consoles offer advanced power/data integration, multiple mounting options of electrical/data boxes.

Our consoles promote wellness in the public safety work environment enabling call takers/dispatchers to effortlessly change their working positions to fit their personal or task related needs from seated to standing. The work surface is available in single or dual lift options.

Russ Bassett's consoles are ideal for any number and size of monitors being viewed. Monitor arms allow for quick and easy movement of the screen to the most ergonomically appropriate positions for each user ensuring proper focal depth whether seated or standing.


CPU’s and other electronic equipment is protected, secured and easily accessed with a multitude of configurable CPU storage solution options designed to accommodate any size, quantity and type of technology.

Russ Bassett's Flex Consoles custom configuration can be mixed and matched depending on the technology to be viewed a stored and/or room space needs.